Future Calling


Confusion personified?

Now as I’m a graduate, the thought about my future scares me…

What am I gonna do in life? How am I gonna make ends meet??

I don’t doubt my capabilities…its just that the thought of stepping into a new and different world, sends a shiver down my spine….

I want to explore soo many things in life and get a taste of everything, but I don’t know where exactly to begin!

Sometimes I wish things were easier, but later on I thank God that they aren’t…

Because if things were soo easy to accomplish, then the joy of enjoying the sweet fruits of rigorous toil and labor wouldn’t really mean anything, would it?

 I don’t want everything on a platter, I wanna work my way through.

I want to shine and surpass my fears and anxieties.

And finally, I want the world to recognize me as I am.


One thought on “Future Calling

  1. A month since job now.. you think your job is keeping you happy now? 🙂

    Exactly similar feelings in everyone’s head just before first job.. a sense of pride and a mixed fear..
    Lucky I will get one more shot at it 1 year from now.

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