The tale of three monkeys..

Ronak, Rebecca and Ranjit
  • After graduation

Two monkeys came together

They discussed their future

And helped each other

  • They checked out companies

And sorted out their journeys

And while carrying out these duties

Forgot their anxieties

  • Then one fine day

All of a sudden

Another, third monkey

Joined them with passion

  • This third monkey

Was frightened and scared

And he didn’t want to spend his holidays

In utter dismay

  • So he joined the clan

And thus started the gang

And then the 3 famous monkeys

Worked out a plan

  • They decided to work together

Stick by each other

And thus became

Each other’s energy boosters

  • They blabbered and chattered

And did things that didn’t matter

But in the end, they slithered together

And headed southwards, to sort out their futures.


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