Kepsa at Afzal’s

By default, Friday nights have to be be spent with office friends. It’s somehow become a standard norm by now. Anyway, for the past few Fridays, the word ‘Kepsa’ has been thrown around way too often by a bunch of my office friends.

Well, I’ve never heard this name before and it fascinated me so, thought I’d give it a try. I was warned to order only for a half plate if I was going with a group of 3 people as the quantity would be too much for 2 to finish.

So I went along with 3 of my friends to Afzal’s (this place situated in Love lane, Byculla) It’s not a very posh place, but decent enough. [On customer’s requests, they have now opened up a family room too :)] Anyway, we ordered for a half plate of Chicken Kepsa and I kid you not, I thought the waiter got us the wrong order when it arrived.  I kept asking him if this was the full plate which he must have mistakenly given us. To my surprise, it wasn’t. It was the correct order. :O


Chicken Kepsa

Kepsa [Picture credit: Ankita Parab]

Chicken Kepsa [Picture credit: Ankita Parab]

It consists of a combination of Chinese and Indian food i.e- a mixture of Chinese fried rice along with tandoori chicken and a little Indian gravy. The rice is served in one huge stainless steel thali  and is surrounded by vegetables. It also comprises of 2 boiled eggs which gives the overall dish a wonderful flavor. Although the combination sounds pretty weird, it tastes far from weird.
The best part is, it  is served in the traditional Muslim style where everyone has to eat from one plate. I personally really liked the concept.

Kepsa- Picture Credit: Ankita Parab

Chicken Kepsa- Picture Credit: Ankita Parab

By the end of it, all I can say is there wasn’t a single grain of rice left on our plate. I’d definitely recommend this place to all my readers as I think this dish is worth a try. It has quality served with quantity, both at an amazing price of 200.

Address: 9/A, Shop No 36/37, Tulsi Wadi, Opp SAI Niketan Building, Shivdas Champsi Marg, Mazgaon, Mumbai 


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