IMBISS-The Meating joint

IMBISS is a tiny little German restaurant and has cozy interiors of exposed red brick walls. Every foodie that I seem to meet nowadays is talking about it and why not? It’s an ultimate  haven for meat lovers! You get everything from Quail eggs to Spare ribs here and all at super affordable prices. The downside however is that, they have only one dish on the menu for vegetarians i.e- The Eggplant Schnitzel.

IMBISS : The exteriors

IMBISS : The exteriors

My boyfriend introduced me to this place and today was the first day we actually went there (though we have home delivered food from there earlier). Since we were pretty famished, we ordered ‘Baby back spare ribs’, a ‘Sausage platter’, ‘Bavarian Ham and Cheese Sandwich’, a ‘Hamburger with extra cheese’ and a side order of fried Ducks eggs for lunch.

Baby Back Spare Ribs- Rs.385

Baby Back Spare Ribs- Rs.385

The ribs were tender and juicy, barbecued to perfection and glazed with smoked BBQ sauce. It also came with a helping of fresh garden salad. Personally, I preferred picking off only the meat off the ribs as I’m not very fond of the cartilage that comes along with it, but my boyfriend loved it and finished off the entire thing to the bone. 😛

chicken sausages

Chicken Sausages (Part of the sausage platter)

pork sausages

Pork Sausages-part of the Sausage platter

The sausage platter on the other hand had 6 sausages in all; 3 chicken and 3 pork along with a generous serving of French fries. The chicken sausages were my favorite as they were really well done and brilliantly flavored. The pork on the other hand was just about okay. At 180 bucks, this dish is definitely worth a try.

Bavarian Ham and Cheese Sandwich-Rs.155

Bavarian Ham and Cheese Sandwich-Rs.155

The ‘Bavarian Ham & Cheese’ sandwich was glorious.  Priced at Rs.155, it consisted of shredded bacon served on toasted bread covered with heavenly cheese. It also came along with a dip of brown stock which had little to no taste whatsoever.

Beef Hamburger with extra Cheese- Rs.120

Beef Hamburger with extra Cheese- Rs.120

Hamburgers at IMBISS just can’t go wrong. It consisted of a minced meat patty with cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, lettuce and a cherry tomato on top. It also came along with a generous helping of french fries and tomato ketchup. Juicy, succulent and absolutely mind blowing. A must-try!

Fried Duck Egg- Rs.30

Fried Duck Egg- Rs.30

I ordered the Fried Duck egg just out of curiosity as I’d never tasted it before. Priced at Rs.30, the egg was a sunny side up garnished with pepper, chilli flakes, coriander and onion rings.  The onion rings gave it a wonderful flavor. But overall, the egg wasn’t to my liking as it was way too runny!

Glinter : An orange flavored aerated drink

Glinter : An orange flavored aerated drink

We washed our entire meal down with ‘Glinter’, this amazing Orange flavored aerated soft drink which comes in this cute little can. I just had to take a pic of this. Cute, isn’t  it? It also comes in Kiwi and Peach flavors.

On my next visit, I’m going to try the Pork and Eggplant schnitzels, hopefully with a side order of pickled Quail eggs. Till then, ciao!

 Address: 14, Ben O Lil Haven, Waroda Road, Off Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


4 thoughts on “IMBISS-The Meating joint

  1. The place is seriously good!! I had taken the lamb and mint sausage which was amazing too! Served with mashed potatoes, it was out of this world!! I’m having it again the next time I go there!!

  2. Reblogged this on Latent Thoughts and commented:
    While I should be writing my own reviews of the movies I have seen, I confess I am being just plain lazy at the moment… But while you wait for those reviews (which I swear I will post soon… BEFORE year end.. Pakka!!) do take a look at this post a friend wrote. It’s a review of this delightful joint that we visited recently… And like Rebecca says, it IS a haven for meat lovers!

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