Parting Feelings..

                                                           Distance makes the heart grow fonder

   The day finally arrived

When he had to leave

There was awkwardness in the air

It felt like it wasn’t fair

  He looked at her

Her eyes fell

She was looking at him

He could tell

  Time froze, their eyes glowed

The face put up a brave front

But the heart cried silent tears

It said, “I could do this for the wonderful years”

  He hugged her

She wept inside

He tried to talk to her

Her silence replied

  He consoled her

She kept on weeping

His words felt like soothing balm

Comfort was what her soul was seeking

  He was undoubtedly the best

But she was no less

The world said that they were made for each other

It was finally put to test.


Her Worth

Her worth

Her messages, her words, ‘Love’ dripping from every sentence,
The way she called you ‘Baby’,
The way she held your hand and comforted you when you needed it most,
Her pictures, the way she hugged you tight….
The intimacy, the warmth, the feeling that you’re at home in her arms..
Her memories, her touch, her voice, her face…
It all haunts you when it’s over.
You realize her worth when you aren’t with her anymore
So, why wait to reach that stage? Trust me, it’s far from pleasurable.
Acknowledge her as a part of your life
Don’t argue, don’t fight
Accept her as she is coz you know you too are far from perfect
Treat her with a lil love, it will work wonders.
It may be difficult but not impossible.
A few people in life get someone whom they can call their own.
I had you but don’t know about how much I own you now.