The Serum Of The Sky

Rain is grace. Rain is the sky giving to the earth; without rain, there would be no life. ~John Updike

There are days when I wake up to the clouds casting a shadowy feeling on the earth beneath

The smell of sweet mud fills the air, whilst the chilly cool breeze plays hide n seek with the trees

The fresh dew gets comfy on the lush greenery and looks nothing less than shining diamonds

I’m not a writer by nature, but the climate makes me want to write more and more about it

It makes me want to fall in love all over again, fall in love with the beauty and richness of God’s creation

The cool comforting ambience adds a fresh touch to everything around as mother nature prepares herself to usher in one of the most glorious seasons

People shift their gaze towards the sky as if they are thanking God

The wind makes the leaves rustle about in the air with a hissing sound

And lo! The people’s expectations get fulfilled as the first drops of rain carpet the dehydrated earth.