Her Worth

Her worth

Her messages, her words, ‘Love’ dripping from every sentence,
The way she called you ‘Baby’,
The way she held your hand and comforted you when you needed it most,
Her pictures, the way she hugged you tight….
The intimacy, the warmth, the feeling that you’re at home in her arms..
Her memories, her touch, her voice, her face…
It all haunts you when it’s over.
You realize her worth when you aren’t with her anymore
So, why wait to reach that stage? Trust me, it’s far from pleasurable.
Acknowledge her as a part of your life
Don’t argue, don’t fight
Accept her as she is coz you know you too are far from perfect
Treat her with a lil love, it will work wonders.
It may be difficult but not impossible.
A few people in life get someone whom they can call their own.
I had you but don’t know about how much I own you now.


All I could ever ask for, is to take me back into time so that I could relive those tranquil experiences near the beach with the waves gently splashing particles of cold sand onto my feet, the coolness of the air around me and the setting sun, the silent hours of meditating on the mountain top, hearing heart touching, soul stirring music .Those were the days when I’ve actually sat and reflected on something. And the result, was truly in the superlative. Although, the first I.V had its own predicament, I can proudly look back and say that those moments were once in a life time moments and they surely will be etched in my memory for a lifetime.

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The excitement of traveling to Kolhapur in the bus late at night, the joy of spending quality time singing away with friends and not really caring that we would probably be in for sore throats the next day, the thought of deriving sadistic pleasure by clicking funny pictures of friends sleeping and drooling with their mouths wide open, the pain yet anticipation of getting up early in the morning and waiting in turn for someone to vacate the bathroom, the craziness of running around the room at the last moment to find our book, pen, cap and sunglasses, the fright at being yelled at for coming a second late, the ‘good for nothing’ stare from Sir, the feeling of guilt, the sheer eagerness of visiting forts and beaches…of clicking loads of pictures and then some more… The scintillating experience of climbing up forts which were on the edge of the ocean, the thrill of traveling by boat and looking into the ice blue waters, the willingness to learn new things from the best tour guide ever available, the heart thumping experience of going with friends for night walks to the fort…then getting awfully frightened of an old lady in a pure white saree…running away from her as if she was a ghost from the story that we were narrating to each other during our climb…having small tiffs with friends over petty issues….getting lost on my way back to the hotel…searching desperately for cell phone network in the middle of a jungle. Getting none.…crying bucket loads of tears and scaring the daylight out of my friends who couldn’t find me…climbing breathlessly up the lighthouse, visiting the sugar factory but coming out without sugar, shopping like mad freaks for kolhapurichappals, jumping into other people’s balconies and then into their rooms, catching frogs, bitching away to glory, running in our nightgowns from pillar to post in search of someone or the other, sleeping on the cool green lawns at night, going to the boys rooms and getting to see a dose of pure unadulterated gaygiri, sitting for sessions in the conference room at night with a cup of hot cutting chai in our hands, writing warm fuzzy letters to each other…then becoming sentimental and emotional….followed by a session of touching words ‘I love you’s’,’you mean so much to me’, tears and hugs…eating or rather hogging away at the delicious food that was set in front of us.. sitting by the swimming pool and hearing music with our dinner in our hands…shivering because of the chilly cold… snuggling against each other on our beds to get some warmth….celebrating birthdays and eating some more…being royally pampered by sir …..and the cycle never ended …. I owe all my gratitude to Sir without whom, experiencing these fantastic moments would have never been possible. He was definitely THE BEST teacher, guide and mentor anyone could ever ask for. Jai B.M.M!